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The sunny coastal town of Herne Bay in North Kent is a haven for tourists. But besides being a great place to visit it’s also a great place to live with extreme temperatures moderated by the presence of the sea and Waterloo Station just an hour away on the Southeastern Line. Home styles here range from Victorian to Edwardian to Art Deco and postmodern. If there’s a common denominator it’s that the locals love their gardens. We provide expert garden design in Herne Bay that transforms ordinary properties into life-affirming oases.

There are a lot of people who offer garden design services. But not many with the degree of knowledge and the kind of extensive experience you will find at Oakleigh Manor. We’re the garden designer Herne Bay residents trust more than any other to bring their vision to brilliant life. We have more than 25 years of experience designing and building beautifully evocative gardens for our clients and we bring every day of that experience and every bit of that knowledge to bear on each new project.

The Fine Art of Garden Design

The environment in and around Herne Bay presents a unique challenge for garden designers. The bright sunshine, high humidity, salty air and sandy soil mean that the garden designer you hire for your project had better be on the ball, else the garden they create for you will likely wither in short order. Fortunately, you can forego such concerns when you enlist Oakleigh Manor to create your garden.

Every member of the Oakleigh team has extensive training in how to deal with and design for the vagaries of the seaside environment. Each one is also trained in the fine art of listening because, at the end of the day, we are not here to impose our ideas on anyone. Our job is to use our expertise to help you achieve what you want with your garden and all our efforts are geared toward that end.

Great gardens don’t just happen by accident. They’re the result of careful planning and execution. For a garden to hold its own it needs to have bones, structure (no matter how discreet), rhythm, pace and balance, and all the disparate elements must work together in harmony to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Learning how to achieve such harmonious results is not something that happens overnight. It takes years of training, a comprehensive knowledge of both native and exotic plants and a natural facility for working with colour, space, volume and tone. At Oakleigh Manor, we have been designing and building world-class gardens for more than 25 years. We understand our craft inside and out and, just as important, we understand the importance of listening.

Peerless Garden Design in Herne Bay

Regardless of the style or age of your home, or the location, size or state of your property, the team at Oakleigh Manor can craft a garden for you that creates a fusion between your indoor and outdoor life, bringing your yard into the fold of liveable space. If you have definite ideas about what you would like to see, we can bring those ideas to life. If you would prefer to leave it up to our designers, rest assured they will not disappoint.

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Your garden is every bit as important as your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. It should enable your life, rejuvenate your spirit and enrich your domestic experience. To ensure you get the garden you want and need, talk to the professionals at Oakleigh Manor. We will create a garden for you that enhances every aspect of your Herne Bay property and is the envy of friends and neighbours alike. Call 0800 023 1310 to learn more about our services or to arrange a consultation.

Creating a garden that will thrive in the challenging environment of Herne Bay is no simple task. It takes an uncommon degree of expertise on behalf of the garden designers, and a team of landscape professionals who are able to interpret the design and install it in a way that ensures long term viability. No one in Kent is more qualified to create a beautiful bespoke garden for you than the experts at Oakleigh Manor.

The process of getting the garden you’ve always wanted starts by giving our design team a call on 0800 023 1310 and scheduling an appointment. It may be the smartest call you make this year.

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