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Known primarily for its bustling port the town of Sheerness is more than just a place where imported cars arrive to spend a few days in one of the UK’s biggest car parks. It’s also a place 12,000 people call home, a place with a lively seaside culture that draws people from all over Kent, and a place where homeowners take great pride in their gardens. Oakleigh Manor provides peerless garden design in Sheerness for discerning homeowners.

Experienced Garden Design in Sheerness

There is a lot more to garden design than planting a few flowers and shrubs and hoping for the best. Garden design is a multidisciplinary process involving colour, texture, focal points, architectural elements and even sound. It takes years of training and experience to develop the expertise necessary to be able to apply all these various components in a way that is appropriate for a given property.

At Oakleigh Manor, we have more than 25 years’ experience conceiving, engineering, building and maintaining all manner of gardens for the people of Kent. From traditional English gardens to flower gardens, rock gardens, deck and patio gardens and more we help our clients make the most of their properties.

As You Wish

We recognise that, in many cases, clients have a pretty good idea about what they want. So we approach each project as a blank slate and listen carefully to what the client is telling us. As the picture begins to come into focus our job is to use our expertise to fill in the blanks, provide expert guidance and ultimately develop the infrastructure that will sustain the finished garden. There are other instances, however, when clients will simply empower us to do what we think best, and we certainly treasure that type of opportunity as well.

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There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all garden design. Each home and each homeowner is different. If you are to make the most of your property’s potential you need garden designers on your side with a proven record of success. That’s Oakleigh Manor. Our award-winning team understand everything that goes into designing a successful garden in Sheerness and will create one for you that becomes a restful sanctuary from the stresses and noise of an increasingly overbearing world. Give us a call today on 0800 023 1310 to speak to one of our designers or learn more about our garden design services.

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