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Welcome to Landscaping & Garden Design in London by Oakleigh Manor

The landscape gardener uses all their talent, training and experience to design and implement rejuvenating outdoor spaces for their clients. Those spaces are often more involved than the average garden. As their title suggests the landscape gardener is typically called upon to include more significant landscaping elements into the design including pergolas, patios, fencing and more. They may also be called upon to design and install a lighting scheme for the new garden. When people in the capital need landscape gardeners in London the discerning ones call Oakleigh Manor.

Living in a big city is exciting and rewarding, but it can also be somewhat overwhelming. The landscape gardener creates spaces that enable people to better deal with the multiple challenges of urban life by giving them a relaxing, inspiring retreat where they can collect themselves. The British have long understood the immense value of the garden, and we at Oakleigh Manor are proud to carry on the tradition of world-class landscape gardeners that include William Kent, Capability Brown, John Claudius Loudon, Sir Charles Barry and others.

Unrivalled Landscape Gardeners in London

We’re proud of our award-winning designers. They’ve helped us become one of the most respected garden design firms in London and Kent. The secret of our success is really no secret at all: we listen. As a company, we understand that no good can come from trying to impose our ideas on our clients. In many cases, they already know what they want and come to us to help them realise that vision. Our job then is to help them shape their idea into something that is aesthetically and physically pleasing. Of course, if a client gives us a green light to design as we see fit, we are more than happy to oblige them.

Our extensive experience allows us to provide our clients with optimal customer service and satisfaction. We understand that you’re busy, so if you need to leave your landscaping and garden design up to us, we will accommodate you with incredible efficiency. We know what it takes to transform a garden space into a work of art. As such, we are happy to handle your garden’s transformation or restoration from start to finish.

We have all of the necessary tools and experience to give you exactly what you’re looking for in your garden space. If you prefer a more involved approach, you might have a specific theme in mind that you would like to capture to reflect in your landscape and garden design. Our design experts will thoroughly research your concept and draw up plans to present to you. Once you decide on the look and feel of your space, we will get to work turning your vision into a reality.

Our highly accomplished landscape and design specialists work with precision and efficiency to make sure that you get to enjoy your new garden with minimal downtime. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and will work hard to see to it that you are pleased with our services. Our goal is to give you a garden that not only transforms your property but your life, as well.

London’s Premier Landscape and Garden Design Experts

If you’re looking for comprehensive gardening services in London, Oakleigh Manor offers a variety of landscaping and garden design services. With years of experience and expertise, we know exactly what it takes to make your space beautiful and unique. We offer a wide range of services to ensure your garden meets your highest expectations. Our experts will turn your outdoor space into the sanctuary you deserve.

Whatever your needs, our team of qualified experts is on hand to help. We invite you to explore our portfolio to see the difference we can make in your London residence. We excel in finding the perfect balance to bring your garden to life. Whatever your needs, you can trust that our extensive experience will deliver superior results unlike any other.

Don’t Settle for Less Than Oakleigh Manor

The job of the landscape gardener involves much more than just choosing and placing plants in a yard. Their mission is to uncover the potential in a space and make that potential manifest in ways that please the client and contribute to their quality of life. Oakleigh Manor is a leading garden design firm that is steeped in the English garden tradition while also being decidedly forward-looking and innovative. If you are tired of looking out on an uninspiring yard, get in touch with the landscape garden design team at Oakleigh Manor today by calling us on 0800 023 1310.

Why Oakleigh Manor?

a friendly helpful team

Call one of our friendly and skilled team on 0800 023 1310, will help you with requirements and guide you through our Landscaping services that we offer, you can also speak to one of our Garden Designers about your ideas for your new Garden, or technical guidance from our Irrigation, Lighting and Hortiultural consultants.

initial site visits

We operate throughout Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & Sussex. Subject to the nature of your new requirements, the type of project and your location, we may be able to provide you detailed estimates without site visits, of if necessary we can arrange a site visit for one of our one of our team will visit you at your home/site to gather the site information we require to deliver your requirements.

fixed price quotation philosophy

Subject to your requirements, we aim to provide you with Fixed Price Quotations & Proposals for all work we undertake, giving you clear budget control from the outset rather than optimistic estimates that often result in additional extra costs.

professional site teams

All the Oakleigh Manor Landscapers are not only highly skilled and dedicated to creating beautiful Gardens, but they are professional, polite & courteous, all trained to work around your sensitive home environment, You wont know they are there!

on time

All our Garden Projects are fully project managed, scheduled and monitored by our project management team ensuring reliable installation dates, continuous progress with no or minimal downtime, caring client communication and end product quality.

Lifetime expectancy & warranty

At Oakleigh Manor, by default,  we specify and build Gardens & Landscape features not only with an emphasis on high quality workmanship, but to stand the test of time. A majority of our services come with a 12 month customer care service and no quibble guarantee, we also pass on manufacturer’s warrantys for the varying components used within your new Garden scheme or feature.

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