Welcome to Landscaping & Garden Design in Margate

By Oakleigh Manor


Originally an important commercial port, Margate has been a popular seaside resort since the 18th century. In addition to many hotels, pubs, restaurants and cafes, the town boasts a Grade 2 listed tidal bathing pool, with water that is naturally refreshed twice daily by the incoming tide. As a Kent-based company, we offer our full range of services to local residents and businesses, including landscaping and garden design in Margate.

Residential Garden Landscaping and Design

Whether you have a small plot of land that you’d like to turn into a tranquil retreat or a large open space that is in need of redevelopment, our team will be delighted to help you make the most of your residential garden. With team members who have a great deal of experience in all disciplines, we’re able to offer hardscaping, landscaping, drainage, irrigation, carpentry, joinery and swimming pool construction services to local residents. Whatever you would like to do with your garden in Margate, we can handle every aspect of the transformation, from planning, all the way through to the finishing touches.

Business Garden Design in Margate

Our garden design and landscaping specialists are equally adept at transforming commercial gardens. From simple designs with easy-to-maintain green spaces, to ornate gardens with statuary, water features and leisure facilities, we have the talent and expertise to meet your requirements, whatever they may be. Competitive quotations are available on request and we’re always happy to answer questions about our commercial garden design services if you have any specific areas of concern.

First-Class Workmanship and Garden Design in Margate

Every project we undertake is completed to the highest standards by our team of perfectionists. Each flower bed, lawn, wall and garden feature is lovingly brought to life by professionals who are passionate about the work they do. If you have an idea for a garden design in Margate and you are looking for a team that can help you to implement it, call and speak to us now. And if you have no idea how you’d like to transform your garden, don’t worry: we’ll be happy to present you with some exciting options from which to choose.

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