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When it comes to maintaining the beauty of your home and property, there is no shortage of options. Fortunately, with the right touch of ingenuity and know-how, even the toughest of green thumbs can transform the most uninspiring of properties into lush and picturesque havens.

And with the rise of contemporary home designs and the proliferation of garden themes and design trends, more and more homeowners are taking advantage of the benefits of a garden.

Powered by preference and demand, the popularity of gardens has skyrocketed over the past few decades, especially in urban and suburban settings. They offer a sense of seclusion and privacy, as well as a sense of community and togetherness.

They are also an excellent space to grow flowers, plants, and trees. And with the right design and landscaping, your garden can lend a sense of beauty and serenity to any home.

The best way to expand the functionality of your home space while also creating a sense of beauty and serenity is through a well-maintained garden. At Oakleigh Manor, we take pride in providing high-quality and affordable landscaping solutions for residential and commercial clients throughout Crystal Palace and beyond.

When you enlist our services, you can look forward to the following:

Design Experience: This is crucial to the successful completion of your project. Our staff is made up of some of the most talented and skilled specialists in the industry.

Project Management Skills: As Crystal Palace’s premier landscaping design company, we have strong project management skills to meet deadlines, estimate projects accurately, and take all necessary steps to ensure that your project is completed on time and as expected.

Professionalism: When you choose Oakleigh Manor, we design and create a garden that complements your home and property while also providing you with the best design and service.

We offer a range of Landscaping Services in Crystal Palace

Automated Gates

Artificial Grass

Commercial Maintenance

Contemporary Garden Design



Why Choose Oakleigh Manor Landscaping?


Our designers excel at helping you imagine the perfect outcome. We work closely with you and provide drafts to give you a glimpse of what could be. There’s no limit to what you can dream up, so let us help you turn your dream into a reality.

Bespoke Design

At Oakleigh Manor, we believe a garden should be a place where you can relax — a place that offers respite from the busy world around you. With a well-designed garden, you can effectively transform your plain, boring, outdated property into your own private getaway.


Whether you’re looking for a specific aesthetic or you wish to implement cultural characteristics into your garden in Crystal Palace, Oakleigh Manor has the experience and expertise to meet your needs. We know precisely what’s needed to cultivate the elements you seek and are happy to provide our services to transform your existing garden into an all-new sanctuary.

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