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Our garden design experts work in Swanscombe and surrounding areas to deliver excellent garden design. Our designers offer unmatched efficiency that is in perfect harmony with their creativity and flair thanks to their years of experience.

We take great satisfaction in offering bespoke designs specifically adapted for your outside space, regardless of its size or shape.

We provide services for big, medium, and small gardens in a range of architectural styles, such as modern & contemporary, traditional & classical garden design styles, Formal or Informal, Low Maintenance Garden plans, Family Gardens, English Country Gardens, and much more.

Our Process

Our designers will meet you in your Swanscombe home and discuss your garden design ideas. After this, our designers will be able to provide you with a garden design proposal that will outline the various stages of your garden design and any associated costs.

A Full Client Brief is an important step in the design process since it allows us to fully understand all of your requirements and determine the style and character of your new garden design. We would need to conduct a survey according to the site's characteristics. Once all of the site's facts and brief descriptions have been recorded, our designers will take all the information to the drawing board.

Our expert team will discuss and combine ideas until we have the perfect garden design for you. We will present you with your very own custom Garden Master Design with a landscape & garden specification. We also provide a wide range of different design services, such as sketch conceptual designs so you can get a better understanding of your garden design. Our designers will help you choose the ones that are best for your project and design process.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Your garden is an exquisite asset to your home which is why it's important that your garden lives up to your standards. A beautiful garden design means that your home becomes more pleasant for friends, family and yourself. That’s why important to have a tasteful garden full of life and character.

Here at Oakleigh Manor, we believe your garden is the perfect place to relax and unwind. That's why we’re here to help your garden dreams become a reality. We have been in the garden design business for over 20 years so we know exactly what you need to enhance your garden.

Why Choose Our Garden Services

As Swanscombe's leading garden designers, there are many reasons why people come to us for their garden design needs.

We come to you - Following your inquiry, one of our designers will schedule a convenient time to meet with you at your house for a free initial site visit to discuss your initial concepts.

Quick and efficient service - From the time of your inquiry, we can often schedule a site survey and client briefing meeting within a couple of weeks. The average garden design process lasts several weeks. Your customised Master Garden Design will be ready in a few weeks, subject to the scope and substance of the entire design process.

Experience - Our organisation and our personnel have a lot of knowledge in this industry that has been accumulated over many years. For us, garden design is more than just a job. It is our passion, and we are quite proud of it. We can assure you that if you choose us, you will be selecting an experienced company that has successfully completed this type of job in the past.

We offer a range of Landscaping Services in Swanscombe

Automated Gates

Artificial Grass

Commercial Maintenance

Contemporary Garden Design



Why Choose Oakleigh Manor Landscaping?


Our designers excel at helping you imagine the perfect outcome. We work closely with you and provide drafts to give you a glimpse of what could be. There’s no limit to what you can dream up, so let us help you turn your dream into a reality.

Bespoke Design

At Oakleigh Manor, we believe a garden should be a place where you can relax — a place that offers respite from the busy world around you. With a well-designed garden, you can effectively transform your plain, boring, outdated property into your own private getaway.


Whether you’re looking for a specific aesthetic or you wish to implement cultural characteristics into your garden in Swanscombe, Oakleigh Manor has the experience and expertise to meet your needs. We know precisely what’s needed to cultivate the elements you seek and are happy to provide our services to transform your existing garden into an all-new sanctuary.

Our Recent Projects

Functionality as Well as Aesthetics

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Here at Oakleigh Manor, we're passionate about delivering garden design services to residents of Swanscombe. If you would like to enhance and build your dream garden, give us a call today.