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Here at Oakleigh Manor, we strive to offer our clients in Surrey beautiful gardens and all-new external features to enhance the appearance and character of their homes. Our designers are experienced in crafting enhancements that improve your lifestyle. Our Landscaping team is made up of dedicated Craftsmen who understand the importance of a beautiful, attractive garden. From stunning gardens and landscapes to breath-taking external spaces, Oakleigh Manor is Surrey’s trusted source for property beautification.

We offer a range of Landscaping Services in Surrey

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Why Choose Oakleigh Manor Landscaping?


Our designers excel at helping you imagine the perfect outcome. We work closely with you and provide drafts to give you a glimpse of what could be. There’s no limit to what you can dream up, so let us help you turn your dream into a reality.

Bespoke Design

At Oakleigh Manor, we believe a garden should be a place where you can relax — a place that offers respite from the busy world around you. With a well-designed garden, you can effectively transform your plain, boring, outdated property into your own private getaway.


Whether you’re looking for a specific aesthetic or you wish to implement cultural characteristics into your garden in Surrey, Oakleigh Manor has the experience and expertise to meet your needs. We know precisely what’s needed to cultivate the elements you seek and are happy to provide our services to transform your existing garden into an all-new sanctuary.

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We help you enjoy the essence of nature thanks to our experienced landscaping services. Together, we will create your own private paradise surrounding your home. Feel free to bounce ideas off of us, as we are happy to work with you until we find the perfect solution to your landscaping needs. Unlike other “landscaping” services, Oakleigh Manor consists of a variety of industry experts who excel in their craft. Among our team are irrigation engineers, horticulturists, landscapers, and architects. Together, we provide unbeatable services that are unmatched in Surrey and beyond. We show you the full potential of your existing garden and what it can become with our touch. If you are ready to explore your options and see what we can do for your property, call Oakleigh Manor today on 0800 023 1310. You can also click the “Enquire Now” button below. From there, just provide us with some basic information about your property and your landscaping needs, and we will promptly respond to your enquiry.